Hardware-software complex simulating thinking

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Hardware-software complex simulating thinking
« on: March 15, 2017, 11:35:36 am »
I am developing a system (hardware and software package) imitation of thinking (abbreviated as SIF). http://caiw.ru/ As the task at least decided to concentrate on the interlocutor for single people, especially the elderly and disabled. (Old people are becoming more and not always they have the ability to communicate with children and grandchildren, with a constant need for it.) Originally laid the possibility of building a standalone transportation management systems and flexible automatic production lines. In the future, I plan to use the achievements of the project to create a controlled artificial intelligence (CAI).
What do I have to implement the idea?
•   Created from scratch a logical framework for equal opportunities "fuzzy logic", but almost as simple as binary. Practically, this logic tritichnaya (greater than or equal to) a fourth value which can be, depending on the context, be interpreted as "unknown" or "indifferent". Are studied all the usual logical operations for processing quadras (pairs of bits). For expansion values, if necessary, the integer coefficients are used, the accuracy of estimating the degree of correlation and information.
•   Thought-out combination of parallel-serial architecture, with computing organization in the form of a mixed flow of data and commands based on a standard PC and the logic accelerator board (possible creation of a separate device connected to a laptop or tablet). At the initial stage, conventional or tablet computer will be used for the organization of associative memory, using a quick key-value databases and provide input output. Accelerator logic should be made on the basis of programmable logic chips (the FPGA), which will be placed arrays of quad (two-bit) microcore and adders for the coefficient control dial very long words, forming cloud solutions.
•   A system of speaking names for the images (objects and actions), based on a set of features inherent in this or that way. In fact, it is a new programming language - the Language of Images (IL). Everything in the world is and how to respond with its own unique set of characteristics and are part of the collections (environment models). Each Image has an emotional (EI) in the form of a list of additional features, the amount of EI images in the collections of the emotional pattern that provides an overall assessment of the system status and feedback on action to change it.
•   In developing a Web interface designer images. Programmers for initial filling and editing database of images. Building a knowledge base of SIF, including on an automatic basis. Initially, the whole project is designed for multilingual and is not connected with the peculiarities of a language.


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