"How does an A.I. Sound?" – We need the Source Code and API for a simple A.I.

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Hello Everyone!  ;D

We are students from Germany and we are currently studying „Media-Design“.
We were assigned to create an artistic media-installation for the “Ars Electronica” as an entry in their competition. Our Idea is to visualize the process of an A.I. in an experimental way. This means, that we don’t know yet, what the final result is going to be.
However, for that, we need some sort of input for our “generative art” project.
I myself am pretty familiar with programming algorithms and data structures. I had some experience with JavaScript and Processing.

What we need is a simple all-purpose A.I., ideally one with neuro-evolution (I found NEAT to be looking quite promising).

I want to emphasize, that we don’t require anyone to build or program a new A.I. If someone already built one, even a simple or small one, it would be sufficient. From what I understood from our research, the simplest and most basic form of A.I. is the one “recognizing hand-written digits”. But please no CNN. A simple multilayer-perceptron feedforward or NEAT is enough. We thought that a text-file, ideally some sort of exchange format (like XML or JSON) would be a great start, to understand the data we get out of the process.


-   For a Project, we need a neuronal network
-   We want to visualize the learning process
-   We need an API to get weights and neurons from an A.I. System that is learning.
-   We just need a finished built A.I. (please no C.N.N.) ; No additional Programming needed

If anyone has interest in helping us with our problem, feel free to send me a P.M.

Thanks in advance,
Best regards,
The “Sound of Synapse” Group!


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