Ive been developing webo and need someone to chat with it and teach it something

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Webo is based off of the movie flubber. Seen the movie many times and chose to make my own version. Ive placed webo online so anyone can chat with it. Webo can remember who you are and what you taught it by your unique username you choose. Webo can learn whatever you teach it. So feel free to have a chat with webo. http://shopstop.ddns.net/serverbot/



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Hi, Stevensrd1 :)

What technology do you use, if I may ask?
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Welcome Stevensrd1,

Always good to see new people join our group. Looking forward to hearing more about your Webo creation, if and when you get time.

Have fun!
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Hi, Stevensrd1 :)

What technology do you use, if I may ask?

Web based technologies are almost all the same... Me thinks   :P.
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