open s-cad inverse kinematics robot

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open s-cad inverse kinematics robot
« on: June 02, 2021, 06:07:42 am »
I love this free program open s-cad,  I want to make the whole thing in it.
I've got this cool idea for a plastic mechanical computer that can possibly go as fast as an arduino with no electricity!
I get the high hz mechanical oscillator via step up gears (cogs) The cool idea is if I reduce the size of the cog as I step up speed, it should be able to turn,   and then maybe I can get up to 200khz or something and only use an ordinary dc motor to run it.

If that works I can finish the whole thing in a cad program and its 100% fully printable,   and u only need a spot for 1 motor and battery, but it could be anything that powers it.

Lots of work to go yet tho,  and im so tired....  :-[   ill never get it done...