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Title: Programming assistant
Post by: Sybershot on January 14, 2013, 07:05:11 pm
I started a bit back making some AIML files for Trinity (my online chatbot) that would give a description and example of certain code tags, sort of like a reference library. I have put this project off for a little while in-order to get my website up to par.

the AIML looks like this
<template>HTML5 <font color="blue">&lt;!&gt;</font> tag also known as a Comment tag Defines a comment<br/><font color="blue">&lt;!--</font>Here one can place a comment<font color="blue">--&gt;</font><br/> in order to be legal "-" has to be grouped in sets of 4</template>

While it is on hold I was wondering what you guys think would make this more useful and pleasant to use.
Also would the project be better if it was made in flash, where I could utilize my Flash animated Trinity avatar?
any ideas, thought, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.