Robby Garner/s TuringHub Chatbot Testing Services

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Robby Garner/s TuringHub Chatbot Testing Services
« on: August 04, 2005, 01:19:52 am »
From: Robby Garner <>
Subject: Chatbot Testing Services

For Immediate Release

### is offering Chatbot testing services via subscription.   
"Perpetual beta testing" benefits from steady traffic and at least a 
suggestion of anonymity.  Over 2,000 simulated turing tests have been 
completed since April 14th with overall traffic increasing as the 
Turing hub is linked to by various sites and forums.

Compare your bot's personality to other bots on a "humanity" basis.   
Test results give realtime results of all conversations. Use the 
increased traffic to help fine tune your bot and and improve 
responses.  Find out how people will get along with your bot before 
you publish it to your website. provides a standard measurement of chatbot performance 
with side-by-side comparisons with other chatbots, and ultimately 
with real people. Currently the turing hub project is comprised of 
chatbots and programmers who have volunteered while the various 
components of the system are being developed and put into place.

To begin or expand your Turing Hub experience, go to
and subscribe.  Botmaster memberships are $9.99 per 
month with setup fee waived for now.  Landru subscribers may view the 
results page, but can not enter a bot.

Some of the top Loebner competitors are already using 
as their training camp.  Rollo Carpenter and Jabberwacky have been 
connected as early adopters from the previous incarnations of Turing 
hub.  Jabberwacky currently holds the lead in Turing percentage at 
over 17.

John Precedo's Alex system is closing fast with Turing percentage of 
16.7 after only 13 votes. Alex's "Right Action" index is a blistering 
12.0 right now with only one error so far.

A variety of connection methods are available:

1) Put 2 comment in your web bot's HTML page.
2) Take the Java Hub Chat Room code and modify it to use other than 
port 80
3) Use an alternative interface. Which interfaces appear the most 

You can have any combination of these. For instance, if you want to 
see whether one interface works better for the same bot, use 2 
connections and test them both. Additional connections are available 
for $5/mo per bot.

Compatible With and Successfully Interfaced:

ALICE Program D
ALICE Program E
Elbot (KiwiLogic)
Ella (EllaZ Systems)
Jabberwacky (Yourbot compatible)
JFRED Servlets/Applets
*Assorted custom bots that use web forms.

Turing Hub Configuration:

1) Voting can be tracked by IP address.

2) Currently, visitors are discouraged from voting twice for a bot 
and there is not an easy way to visit all the bots as you are 
basically assigned to one at random. Landru subscribers and Turing 
Hub members are able to try each entrant once they've cast the first 
vote at random.

3) For botmasters to connect with, Java Chat Room Style interface is 
available for customizing, or you may request binaries that are 
compiled either with JDK 1.1.8 or with JDK 1.4.2 with some attention 
to browser compatibility.

4) The Human Chat Room is open, and awaits the onslaught of web 
traffic to enable human-to-human comparisons. In future revisions, 
human users' accounts will show their own individual rating stats, 
just like the bots.

For more information, contact

*assorted web bots include finalists in the 2002 Loebner Prize Contest




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Re: Robby Garner/s TuringHub Chatbot Testing Services
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2005, 01:35:45 am »
Cool! Wish they also listed Ultra Hal Assistant's AIMbot. But this sound like a very useful site.


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