Better robot technology for household vacuuming.

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Better robot technology for household vacuuming.
« on: December 04, 2010, 09:06:36 pm »

Those smart people at Neato have come up with a really great domestic vacuuming robot!

Unlike all of those "other" ones you see in almost every side bar of those high-tech web sites, this robot does NOT clean by bouncing off walls, chair legs and other items to eventually clean the entire room.

The XV-11 uses a Laser Mapping technology to figure out the room and objects within. It then calculates and tried to perform the best straight line or straight path of cleaning.

It is pretty quite on carpeted floor and can handle a wide variety of surfaces. It won't fall down stairs, has a large dirt collection bin and if it detects its battery getting low, it will shut off its vacuum motor and travel to its charger for some fresh "juice". After about 3 hours it will then return to where it left off and continue vacuuming!

You can also easily program a schedule for a specific day & hour to turn on and vacuum. Runs for about 2 to 3 hours depending on conditions and due to its laser guidance, will not leave those awful looking "Crop Circles" in your carpet! The result is a pretty neatly vacuumed carpet and it really does get more than a standard vacuum. It can go under beds, cabinets, dressers with ease, saving your back.

Priced at under $400.00 USD, it's definitely one of the best home use vacuums out there! This one really DOES work!! Think twice before buying any other brand.

I'm not affiliated with Neato corporation in any way. This is just my personal take on a labor saving device.
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