Faithful Book to Film Adaptations

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Faithful Book to Film Adaptations
« on: October 31, 2019, 05:03:14 am »
Anyone else tired of and mystified by the horribly mangled things called "adaptations". For some mysterious reason film makers seem incapable of actually putting a book in to a visual medium. I mean honestly, it's what the audience is consistently asking for, and I have yet to hear a legitimate excuse regarding changes. I get that everyone imagines implied stuff differently. But it's PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE to at least be accurate word for word! Pause on rant , here's how I imagine AI helping us out. First, you get a good human narrator to read the book in question. Then, a specialized AI listens to to it and creates an animation, I assume it can do multiple passes, and can accept modifications from artists & technicians. When that's done you get voice actors to dub for individual characters. Then Foley artists and voila! Could this be a perfect job for narrow AI?

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Re: Faithful Book to Film Adaptations
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2019, 09:00:16 pm »
I had a similar idea, but it was simpler and didn't use AI. My idea was simply to develop some simulation software that can create a movie at all. It wouldn't even matter much as first if it used stick figures, as long as they can walk, run, lie down, carry a gun, do romantic things, and bend in any realistic manner. You can attach a face easily. You can put in background scenery easily. Using auditory analysis you could give each actor the voice of anyone from whom you can obtain a sample of their voice. This would be a huge boost to amateur movie makers, I believe, for several reasons, and would be a good start for intelligent machines trying to envision the real world. Adding AI as you suggest could only make it better. Yes, I believe it would be a great start for applied AI, but you have to realize it's going to make the same stupid mistakes that all computers make, so don't hope to produce AGI from it.


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