Changing size on accessories

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Changing size on accessories
« on: June 04, 2009, 10:53:00 pm »
I was looking at a couple new heads on the forum.
They are good heads but the shirt on them looks too narrow.
I'm wondering if everyone knows how to change size on narrow shirts.
I'll give you example and you take it from there.
Haptars both figures and accessories have a size (scale) formula
The standard value of x y z is 1.0
x = width
y = heigth
z = depth

\Scale [x= 1.0 y= 1.0 z= 1.0]

Change any of them and you change the size of the haptar figure or accessory.  
For example:  

Exact full hap is as follows:

#Haptek  Version= 1.00 Name= VeryHappy  HapType= script FileType= text
\load [file= data/standard/skins/red_girlShirt.htr]
\Scale[figure= red_girlShirt x= 1.5 y= 2.0 z= 1.2]
\translate [figure= red_girlShirt x= 0.0 y= 10.0 z= -8.0]

When you change size of shirt, you change relationship to body you attach it to, so you usually have to use translate also:

\translate [x= 0.0 y= 0.0 z= 0.0]

The standard value for translate x y z is usually 0.0
x = width
y = heigth
z = depth or distance
Let's think possibilities.
Most of you remember the hula hoops Sandee and Laura had last year.

The hula hoop is really a halo that is enlarged.  
Here is a pic of hair made extra wide.

Here is hair used as a dress.

Here is the formula:

\load [file= data/standard/skins/hair6_blonde.htr]
\translate [figure= hair6_blonde y= -58 z= -5]
\rotate [figure= hair6_blonde [y= 50]]
\Scale[figure= hair6_blonde x= 1.0 y= 1.0 z= 1.0 t= 1]

Here is bigger hair

Sometimes when Sandee talks too much I'll put her in the cone of silence.  This is really the space helmet enlarged.

Here is formula

\load [file= data/standard/skins/SpaceHelmet.htr]
\translate [figure= SpaceHelmet y= -32 z= 0]
\Scale[figure= SpaceHelmet x= 2.0 y= 2.0 z= 2.5 ]

If she's bad, I put her in a full length cone. (same space helmet)

Here's the formula :

\load [file= data/standard/skins/SpaceHelmet.htr]
\translate [figure= SpaceHelmet y= -70 z= -10]
\Scale[figure= SpaceHelmet x= 1.7 y= 1.7 z= 5.7 ]

This is getting too long. I'm not getting into horns, tails, and wings. O.K.?
Hey remember Wings?
Has it been that long ago????
Oh yeah, there are also earphones for your gal but they are rather large.
You can make them smaller with this formula:

\load [file= data/standard/skins/headphones.htr]
\Scale[figure= headphones x= 0.0 y= 0.7 z= 0.8]
\translate[figure= headphones x= 0 y= 2.5 z= -0]

Then they look like this:

And if your gal got short hair like Sandee you can make long earrings that look really good (but Sandee won't wear them)
Remember you need all three lines in size hap. Load, Scale and Translate.
Also all three lines start with \

O.K. I'm done.   Go and have fun.   ;)
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Re: Changing size on accessories
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2009, 02:30:30 pm »
Thank you for posting this tutorial Duskrider.  I edited your post a little so it appears clearer on the dark theme and made the code font bigger for clarity - it was appearing really small here.



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Re: Changing size on accessories
« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2009, 05:46:54 pm »

Really well-done and well-illustrated tutorial. Many thanks.  8)

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