Quadruped robot (mechanical design and assembly)

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Quadruped robot (mechanical design and assembly)
« on: Today at 09:11:57 pm »
I finally put some love into this old project this year and have some good pictures to show! Lots of build and design details on the blog if you want: https://writerofminds.blogspot.com/2022/08/ace-quadruped-30.html

The goal for this phase was to just get the robot to stand up, and I'm happy to say that I achieved that. I'm looking forward to working on it some more in the future and actually getting it moving.

Actuation is stepper motors (for now) via tendons.



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Re: Quadruped robot (mechanical design and assembly)
« Reply #1 on: Today at 09:58:07 pm »
Great to see you have some four-legged furry helpers around. Are you building their competition? Should they be worried? Will they lose their purring jobs?

And yes, the artificial quadruped looks also great! That big letters on gray tubes look like from a sci-fi movie.