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Title: Remembering Chatbot user in RS
Post by: gporceng18 on March 19, 2018, 12:21:04 pm
First time posting. While using rivescript and Javascript is there anyway to save developed variables from a conversation into an object for later use? My intent is to be able to call on the object later in the chat or at least be able to use the rivescript variables in javascript. How can I go about this, very much a noob at this but am fascinated none the less.
Title: Re: Remembering Chatbot user in RS
Post by: Art on March 19, 2018, 06:31:14 pm
Welcome to AiDreams!

There was a fellow who, several years ago, developed some methods to allow his RiveScript bot to be able to SAVE information and later RECALL it as needed. In other words, he gave it a usable memory. I believe he also had other nice features but it was a bit involved to set up. Unfortunately, when I tried his bookmarked link I'd saved it was broken.

There may be some other users of RiveScript, other than myself, who are doing something similar to this or perhaps Noah Petherbridge might weigh in on this if you inquired at the RiveScript site or thereabouts.

Of all the things I've done with RS,, I'd really like for it to be able to save parts of our conversations for later use.

This would also help keep the bot on target with regard to context and topic flow. Hopefully, someone will chime in.