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Title: SIMPLE theory of physics
Post by: LOCKSUIT on October 26, 2019, 10:08:34 PM
I'm using my voice to type this by the way.
There is actually true/great facts here I wrote, it's very interesting.

The bigger a meteor is the more context (insights) you can get, not only do you have a lot more Timbits the bigger the meteor is but just after a few more particles are on that meteor you get a huge explosion of a lot more combinations of context that can all vote and weigh in on a solution and allow you to generate a Next Word. I can babble about stuff and just talk about it and it might sound stupid at first really stupid but it doesn't matter because I can use my bag of context and it works, I can actually make a lot of discoveries iteratively and be saving them and then reusing them to make deeper ones without going to look at the real world to test them as long as I have a large enough knowledge base to have that explosion effect. You can translate a word in a sentence or even just fill one in using context ie the more words in the sentence the better you can do it, you can say it like the cat was eating food or the Tiger was eating food if there's a lot of cat words in the sentence, or if the context of the sentence is about a product at a store you can say I was going to buy the cat product or you could say I was going to buy the wheelchair product, so you see here the word to fill in a Translate/transform or add to the sequence to the sentence can be totally different based on the context because it's similar and context and not just directly word to word wheelchair to cat.

The higher you look on the level the more structures and effects you can get, there's a lot of different effects and theories in physics from Quantum to the strings to tons of types of atoms and particles to the Higgs boson from static to even tons and tons more of molecules and so many different types of objects from animals to cell phones, yet all we need to look at it's just one atom, because the atom is made out of all we need really. the periodic table only has two hundred or so atoms and the bigger ones are just more of the same stuff the electron the proton neutrons  and the photons. I'm starting to see patterns here and my data by the way. There's only just so many types of atoms because the larger they get the more unstable they get. If we look at the higher-level we see the same effect, when planets get too big and have so much mass this causes a greedy hoarding in fact but they actually give it back thankfully, they got so huge and they explode they burst they ignite they give off heat waves because they are unstable and the probability is high that they will give off. These planets become Stars. They give off radiation just like atoms will. They also have orbits of electrons. The same thing must be happening to make them unstable when they got too big but it always starts with the atom, the radiation that comes out of the atom in an unstable atom is boiling off has a heat burst just like boiling water or even in space a boiling water spear. This happens because the random motion in the clump and the atom or the water is that a very hot temperature and has more motion and the glue magnetism isn't has holding it together. Now of course this can happen with a solid too if it's extremely hot however we're talking about a planet or even just an atom that is boiling off radiation but it's not extremely hot, and therefore the reason for the unstable burst to occur in the atom is because they're actually indeed must be more heat than there usually is in a smaller atom type, and indeed there would be if there is more particles in the nucleus of an atom, all the heat motion has to do is move from one particle to the next and suddenly you have a un-aligned motion heat burst but one wants to jump off the other way and has enough to do it. When this happens it is an unstable Atom giving off radiation resisting to grow any more into a new type of atom and will be short-lived but would be able to possibly grow larger if cooled, or in the case of a planet becoming a star it will start a chain reaction in the core and the planet gives off extra heat that which the glue is not holding these particles together. Now you should be able to get a larger planet if the planet is made up out of smaller atom types and not such unstable ones. Atoms and planets both have orbiting moons. We have seen here atoms will explode when they are too large or have a huge amount of atoms surrounding them like on a planet. It could be possible a Galaxy could explode if it gets too big even though the planets are not overly big and the atoms are not overly big hurry up

My theory is a pretty simple one and I actually like it. It is that you have particles in space that have a location, they have a speed for changing the location, and finally to not be just a gas there is a glue that holds them together that passes a threshold of heat direction-diversity.

Because if a laser beam hits a person it will move that person and the light will convert to motion and that motion will definitely also can be converting to heat, solar sails exist, we can see with boiling water that too much heat will jump off because the moving atoms or particles are simply motion from a photon carrier moving in an unaligned direction as random motion and there appears to have no motion but indeed the burst is motion - heat. And light definitely transforms into heat or motion and they are the same thing, it is a carrier of the particle that affects the speed of a particle.

If you have a circuit board, the atoms stay what they are and they keep their location too, but there is definitely particles moving around on the circuit board and travelling around a copper wire race track as if they are glued to it and they are moving with motion but they are glued to the to the track.

 We might be able to run and make a simulation that is based on the simple idea.

If we look at an atom as said, we see particles, a glue effect holding them together, and we see motion. All the effect we have been observing adjust motion. This magnetism glue is just motion really.
Title: Re: SIMPLE theory of physics
Post by: LOCKSUIT on October 26, 2019, 10:24:28 PM
Ah, look >

The 6 flavors in quarks and electrons are wacky, and they don't know why they have different measurements of mass etc! And some flavors are more rare less common and decay faster!!!! Proof! It is same thing. Heat decay. It boils off from random motion.
Title: Re: SIMPLE theory of physics
Post by: LOCKSUIT on October 26, 2019, 10:38:32 PM
So we got a lot of high-level effects, you can't look at those at-all then right? Okay let's look at the atom since it's all we need to look at. But wait, how then will we decide there so many different types of particles like the up quark and the down quark and all that stuff, I mean are we supposed to use sensors and get some more high-level effects which we don't want to look at? No. So we can't use sensors. We must use logic what we know about the real world. Maybe. We also have to group measurements at the small level I mean up there is 6 quarks then let's just say there's 1 quark with a approx. mass. Anyway my point is that an atom is made of particles and all these particles can do is simply move their location using heat and any sort of like property or effect or laws they can have on other particles would simply be heat transfer because all they can do to a neighbor is move their location (or rotation). So it seems to be that we have particles and we have heat motion and the third type of particle would be there glue magnetism. It's sort of like the opposite of heat we're at Pills things and it can even align them maybe and this magnetism seems to have two poles maybe which might give off the impression of an antiparticle.

Now that we know a glue particle exists that is different than Heat, We can question whether magnetism with two magnets really is heat or is that magnetism, it does seem to be sort of like a glue that wants to pull something in together or rejected away from each other indeed, and we know that the attraction of magnets seems to be the overcomer effect because also there is repels there is the random motion and it all instead pulls together and all the magnets on the table just come together and the only way they will come apart is by that explosion not the rejection of the negative poles. However in larger systems you may see the bursts come out the poles because the magnetism is weakest there?
Title: Re: SIMPLE theory of physics
Post by: AndyGoode on October 26, 2019, 11:12:56 PM
My favorite physics theory...  :)

(p. 215)
   Or else maybe they are all the selfsame electron. In 1948
John Archibald Wheeler, in a telephone conversation with his
student Richard Feynman, proposed the delightful hypothesis
that there is just one electron in the universe. The single parti-
cle shuttles forward and backward in time, weaving a fabu-
lously tangled "world line." At each point where the particle's
world line crosses the space-time plane that we perceive as now,
the particle appears to us as an electron if it is moving forward
in time and as a positron (an antielectron) if it is going back-
ward. The sum of all these appearances constructs the material
universe. And that's why all electrons have the same mass and
charge: because they are all one electron, always equal to itself.

Hayes, Brian. 2008. Group Theory in the Bedroom, and Other Mathematical Diversions. New York: Hill and Wang.
Title: Re: SIMPLE theory of physics
Post by: LOCKSUIT on October 26, 2019, 11:54:44 PM
some Facebook chit chat - my replies:

Ocam's razor states the simple answer is the best
i said before that time dialation was just the machine thinking more slowly, but you don't agree
they don't find large atoms as commonly, nor larger atoms
in planets, it's mor because of the atom nulclie fusion though, back to the atom lol. But maybe its just the quark decay of the up/down all this time.

i was thinking of a simple theory of physics btw even though it's probably silly lol, that there seems to be just: particles that have a location and a heat/motion that changes that location (observed laws are just speed of location change...), and lastly (to avoid having a gas of randomly moving particles) requires a glue/magnetism.

i mean red light, bubles in a reaction, it is all brain processing....just particle location changes!!

if you look at a star, nuclie, quark, or boiling water, the burst radiation is motion clearly, but it is just a lone heat 'particle' that was not aligned with the others....alignment of heat is motion, not heat

well, you have a particle, a quark say, but, why should it move? You need a particle that DOES move......and we have those - photons move at the speed limit !
photons move at light speed, a quark doesn't move at al.....
my conclusion all this time is light moves at the fastest speed in the universe, and other particles don't, at all, clearly photons move/cary with them other non-moving particles

so why is there the strong force and also gluons?
(i must research more)

have you ever found a particle simulator?
i know they cant run trillions of particles but, if they get it right, they can see some effects
i mean a board made of a few thousand atoms i mean, test electrical circuits using actual atoms
i'd research that as it seems interesting
last i tried in blender i can run thousands of particles, with motion, the only thing they missin is the glue to hold em lol
just simplfy it
oh cus the gravity from one particle act on the rest so far lol?
you can simulate bubbles without atoms etc
high level
maybe, the laws of physics, are not based on the particles, but the high level effects, because i mean, high level simulation gets the same result with the need for atoms
all they use is particle objects, and motion, to name a few....
it may give insight into the particle laws i mean
Title: Re: SIMPLE theory of physics
Post by: LOCKSUIT on October 27, 2019, 01:51:26 AM
so funny - it says 'pile on' lol it's what i was thinking too

ok so, oh yeah, electromagnets.......particles.....motion......glue......checkcheckcheck and, um, it is glue? The moving electrons grow a glue field? May be a hole in my theory.
Title: Re: SIMPLE theory of physics
Post by: LOCKSUIT on October 27, 2019, 01:56:22 AM
quarks don't have motion, yeah they bigger/heavier and the photon and may move slower but nooo cus we can remove heat from a body !
Title: Re: SIMPLE theory of physics
Post by: LOCKSUIT on October 27, 2019, 11:13:28 PM

So a too-big AND/OR hot quark, or atomic nuclie, or planet, or pot of water, will burst off radiation flares.

Note that for quark, nuclie, planet, it is always the the pot of water the heat makes the ATOMs kick off........

Therefore it seems radiation releases are due to random heat motion (not aligned i.e. motion) in a object that where the gluon meganetism fails to hold the particles together.

So releases happens when too big, and/or, too hot. Too much of something, but always the heat actually.