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Title: G-ROBOTS G-Dog
Post by: Tyler on January 06, 2009, 11:00:05 PM

Doug Emes of the
writes, "I saw the G-Robots
G-Dog review mentioned on the Austin Robot Group's email
list. This looks like a pretty cool robotic dog tabletop
platform."  The review
by the folks at the Hacked
Gadget blog includes lots of photos and video of the G-Dog in
action. The G-Dog kit is small quadruped robot that uses 9 RS304MD
servos and a built-in microcontroller. The kit also appears to include a
remote-control unit and some type of Windows-based software for creating
autonomous behaviours. At present G-Dog is only
in Japan but AudioCubes
imports the G-Robot humanoid so they might be the place to watch for
a US release of the G-Dog.