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General AI Discussion / Re: Electrical & Chemical Simulations
« Last post by Korrelan on Today at 09:11:25 am »
Regarding the simulation of ‘chemicals’ within a neural model…

I have personally so far, not found a need for actual chemical reactions within a neural model but I do simulate the presence of chemicals/ neurotransmitters (NT) throughout the model.

My 3D vector connectome models are defined within a volumetric voxel space.  Levels of NT’s within a voxel are simply defined by variables.  I use a similar voxel model to an octree, so imagine a 3D vector model within this type of volume.

The levels of NT surrounding a cluster of neurons within a voxel space effects the firing rates of the neurons/ electrochemical synapse.  A percentage of synapses don’t terminate on dendrites, they eject their NT’s into the surrounding fluid/ space.  It acts like a localised global variable for that specific cluster of neurons, affecting their overall properties, firing rates, PSD, etc. 

NT’s have a myriad of uses,  for example… during sleep the levels of certain NT’s define the areas of high activity during the last awake/ training cycle, etc allowing for greater levels of neurogenesis to occur specifically where required, these NT’s are then cleared ready for the next cycle.  The voxel space can also be used to simulate localised EMF fields, blood flow, etc.

I have experimented with using NT’s to effect moods, emotions, etc.  I can understand how these mechanisms work but… it makes my models extremely unstable, I plan to go back to this at a later date.

Gaming / Re: Looking for the offspring of an old friend
« Last post by LOCKSUIT on Today at 09:08:51 am »
Gaming / Re: Looking for the offspring of an old friend
« Last post by Korrelan on Today at 08:25:06 am »
I had to look the ‘game’ up, very obscure lol…

Several sources do state that it was the precursor to the Sims so it would seem this particular genre died along time ago. 

I don’t know of any modern equivalents besides perhaps something like Second Life, I believe there are some artificial bots in there… you can create your own environments etc.

or perhaps...

Modern chatbots can be very entertaining, play games etc but again I don’t know of any with the graphical environment.

The game is available to run under a C64 emulator on several sites, so at least when you’re feeling melancholy/ nostalgic you can fire it up… and kill a few hours.

Asking questions, is very useful around here.

A.I. needs questions asked on a regular basis.

A.i. developers greatly appreciate feedback.
Gaming / Re: Looking for the offspring of an old friend
« Last post by on Today at 05:50:22 am »
Found it here...

Classic Games are studied in A.I. college courses.
I saw one which used an old Pac man game to study
various search algorithms.  So, you figured right.
This is the right place.
Gaming / Re: Looking for the offspring of an old friend
« Last post by Bakkerbaard on Today at 05:34:38 am »
That VR stuff isn't for me. I've been screwing around with an Oculus for work a while back and the novelty wore off pretty quick. I'm more of an old fashioned controller pushing guy.

However, from the rest of your reply I gather that I may have implied something about having issues with privacy.
I'd like to rectify that. I'm fully aware of how private I am and I'll happily share my searches, which may or may not be questionable, to prevent from ever having to get my lazy arse off the couch and pedal my own electricity.
What I actually meant to say concerning google is that searches will usually yield kind of half assed results. I mean, "Little Computer People" will get me exactly that, but "games like Little Computer People" will get me a piece on Will Wright liking the feedback he got from Rich Gold (irony: I had to google that) on The Sims.

I was kinda banking on that more people knew Little Computer People. But it's basically this:
Not much more than a bad screensaver you can interact with. Seeing as AI would impact a "game" like that, I figured this might be a good place to start looking for a modern version of it.
Gaming / Re: Looking for the offspring of an old friend
« Last post by Art on Today at 04:26:26 am »
Can't say about any "little people" but for some pretty cool, low-cost, entertaining (for a while) fun, check out some of those inexpensive VR goggles. One can get them at practically any major store from Kohl's, Walmart, several Drug Stores carry them in the USA for around $15 - $25. If you have a smartphone then you're good to go as most of the apps can be had for free.

Google doesn't matter, neither does Microsoft or Apple because like it or not, YOU are the Product!! You (being we or us) are the product constantly being sold, tagged, tracked and watched all the while being sold a bill of goods telling us it's for our safety and protection and for our convenience and etc., etc. The people cry and complain about robots taking their jobs yet these people allow it to happen in the name of promoting technology!

So either enjoy the ride or get off the gravy train and go completely off-grid and pedal your own electricity with your bicycle generator and raise your own food, etc.

Those bygone days of Privacy, security and Secrecy are, unfortunately, pretty much over. You can't really hide anymore. This is only the beginning. You can't have it both ways.
There's plenty of time to go around for everyone...just plan accordingly...or at least, in a "timely" manner!  :2funny:

OK...that was just plain wrong but somethings are hard to resist!

I'm an east coaster of the USA and have friends around the world Aussies, New Zealanders, Canadians, those nice folks who actually speak the Queen's English instead of this bashed up American English and Russia, Italy, France and all sorts of cool places!

When we're all enjoying basically the same thing, AI, chatbots, research, ideas, robotics, etc., it's all good and time becomes just a minor inconvenience.

So welcome aboard and speak your peace, make a post, someone will get back to you. (hopefully in time). O0
General AI Discussion / Re: How to Convey Machine Learning Concepts
« Last post by LOCKSUIT on Today at 01:15:07 am »
AGI not so simple.

Well, you'd have to find documents by them having meaning X, the same meaning you'd look for yourself.

If it says cats, lick, paws, poop, sleep, maybe that's enough, and maybe they all relate, and maybe some phrase like "it keeps slurping into itself resources" is just "licking into its mouth kibble", and you'd never find it by searching for those exact words.
I live mostly at night and I'm never really in a hurry so timezones are no real issue for me.
Thanks for the welcome and if I stick around there's bubblegum for everyone.
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