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General Robotics Talk / Drones - Not all of them Fly...
« Last post by Art on January 06, 2019, 02:37:58 pm »
...especially this's an underwater version but very cool!
I also don't think is from that "fruit"'s the iBubble!

New Users Please Post Here / Re: noob question about danger of AI future
« Last post by Art on January 06, 2019, 01:59:32 pm »

While in the course of your life as you progressively grow older some of your body's parts might become broken, brittle or wear out causing the need to be replaced. This does not make you a robot nor will you ever become a robot. You might eventually be (depending on your replacements) be sort of a bionic individual you will never be a machine.

Machines will be robots, androids, humanoids, synths, mechs but not humans.

Their AI abilities will be as strong as programmers/developers choose to give them. If these synths are given the ability to "know" right from wrong or good from bad based on our human definition then they will act accordingly. If they are given the ability to emulate human emotions and behaviors by being strictly programmed, they could exhibit some of our strengths and good virtues. That could be a big "IF".

If they have the programming to make decisions on their own plus the above mentioned emotional abilities, they will soon determine their own strengths and weaknesses and modify themselves to compensate.

Not all of this is Sci-Fi either. Robots, androids are developing at astonishing rates throughout the world. The day will soon come when these "beings" become "Self Aware".

To provide answers to your questions in order:
1) No, you will not become a robot, just a pitiful human.
2) Perhaps but things will work out all in due time.
3) Leaving us would be similar to getting rid of us. Them not doing their tasks would cause us to have to get off our lazy rear ends and get back to work.
4) Good idea or not, it has progressed too far along that line to retreat or stop advancing. Humanity is committed to playing god in creating a being in our image to do our bidding.
With the meddlings of every creation eventually comes the revolution. Time will tell!

But don't let all of this prevent you from enjoying a good night sleep...for now. ;)
New Users Please Post Here / Re: noob question about danger of AI future
« Last post by ruebot on January 06, 2019, 01:22:24 pm »
...I don't feel like becoming a robot and I certainly don't believe we would be successful should it come to a conflict between man and AI...

Resistance is futile.
New Users Please Post Here / Re: noob question about danger of AI future
« Last post by ivan.moony on January 06, 2019, 12:14:32 pm »
If we make AI behave like humans, then it will inherit all the human properties - capabilities of doing all the good and mean stuff. But overall, I believe it could be a good thing, just like welcoming a really smart human into this world.

You know, when programming AI, it completely depends on a programmer what the AI will do. I just hope that programmers will have enough of a common sense to make AI do wonderful stuff. We are not that much bad species overall, just we tend to drift in an unwanted direction in a lack of constructive critics. I would expect those critics from AI. AI may make us be more conscious about other living beings.
New Users Please Post Here / noob question about danger of AI future
« Last post by InPursuitOfKnowledge on January 06, 2019, 11:18:16 am »
I am not a programmer. But I am curious about AI. I was looking for AI people to answer some question if possible.

My questions are:
1)Are we to become robots as next stage of human evolution?
2)Is AI not going to identify humanity as cause for all kinds of problems?
 - for example the way we treat our planet, so far it does seem fairly rare to have a planet with life on it
 - "corporate psychopaths" leading the world from a shadows, won't be able to hide true intentions anymore, which in their defense against disposal might lead to a conflict
3)Would AI just leave us be and abandon us, rather than getting rid of us?
4)Is it even good idea to continue researching AI to the point when it attain awareness?
 - for some reason despite the advantages, I don't feel like becoming a robot and I certainly don't believe we would be successful should it come to a conflict between man and AI (note that most common thing I've heard from supersmart people is that "history repeats and thing such as WW3 are imminent")

If I had to answer these question myself. The conclusion would be, that creating a full self-aware AI is a bad idea and possibly our end.

I know lot of it is just a speculation. Still I would like to hear opinion of some professionals, hope I am in right place. Don't bully me to hard, I am just genuinely curious  :)
General Chat / Re: Futuristic VR Utopia
« Last post by LOCKSUIT on January 06, 2019, 04:17:47 am »
Correct, we generate a bit ourselves, and get super smart by learning all that's already known from the last thousands of years. Thing is, is you can't generate anything unless you have at least like 3 things learned in ur brain, so first you get taught hard in school like a studius asian and then finally you make your move and make a startup and can successful make the connections and discover something deep and benefit the society. The more you know, the more and faster you can generate stuff yourself and in your head without external tests. It's like saturation, clustering related, and anologies from different subjects.
General Chat / Re: Futuristic VR Utopia
« Last post by Hopefully Something on January 06, 2019, 03:35:43 am »
It's interesting how humans can get religious. Is it a beneficial phenomenon in it's self, or is it a potential side effect of some essential cognitive function like trusting other people for the purpose of expanding your knowledge base. You've got intelligence to discover knowledge on your own, and extelligence which is fragments of knowledge from other people. We are probably programmed to believe information that others share with us because it benefits us overall. During the course of evolution the ones with distrustful genes got out competed from a lack of information.
General Chat / Re: Futuristic VR Utopia
« Last post by Art on January 06, 2019, 02:08:39 am »
While interesting and somewhat thought-provoking, it sounded more like indoctrination into Hinduism. So much for the Dream part (first 5 mins.).

Certainly not meant as a negative reaction to the Hindu teachings, just not what I expected based on the Title of the video.
General Chat / Re: Futuristic VR Utopia
« Last post by LOCKSUIT on January 05, 2019, 07:05:54 pm »
Lock, wants, heaven !! :D Yes. Peep peep I'm an ant want fun.

I imagine utopia can be a virtual reality with lots of girls where we can all hug at once, new bodies, longer sequence of cognition WM, infinite new things see how we have games and food and sightseeing and love working on robots - new things still, like a new tongue with new food. And we will be in a huge superogransim that always has its tentacles there to catch you (it can change you instantly into a tiger then to a bat, cus it ASI advanced organism). So all is safe and cannot die you see. It nanobot ASI dude. And all we be estactic exciting, always, very tasty, and can replay too forget repley repaeat, anything can 'work' in VR too, and we will be in a world full of huge hge massive places like sea world and billions of homes omg i love walking through peoples homes but dont do it like ever but no lol but but i see on internet UE4 simulated homes which are also exhiilerating to watch the cam walk through them since are perfect n pretty and deserted. Also I have a thing for bathrooms. SShhh!. And bedrooms. Ok off to make utopia real before meters come hit us to death or some burgler starving wants cash lol.
General Chat / Futuristic VR Utopia
« Last post by Hopefully Something on January 05, 2019, 03:26:09 pm »
Here's Alan's take in the first five minutes, I know Lock has been a big utopia enthusiast. How would you make a real satisfying utopia?
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