AI Simulators

AI Simulators - What are they?

Artificial Intelligence Simulators are quite often 2D or 3D virtual worlds where the simulation software provides an enviroment and (a) goal(s) to reach in that enviroment.

Aquiring an AI Simulator

There are some free and commerical packages for simulation of AI and/or robotics, most of these require knowledge in programming.

A list of purpose-built AI and robotics Simulators;

Bugworks 2D Robot Simulator - A free 2D robot simulator written in Java with cut-and-paste user interface plus all the usual features.

Camelot - Robot Offline Programming and Simulation Software - Camelots Ropsim is windows based Robot Offline Programming and Simulation Software for industrial robots. With Ropsim you can program your robot on your PC. Free to download, requires license key.

RoboWorks - RoboWorks is an easy to use software tool for 3D modeling, simulation and animation of any physical system. RoboWorks users benefit from: Extremely intuitive model development, High quality, fully interactive 3D graphics, Interfacing with popular software packages. RoboWorks supports interactive animation via the keyboard, through a data file, or through the open source RoboTalk programming interface. Free demo available.

anyKode Marilou Robotics Studio - a highly intuitive and visual modeling environment. Complex robots structures and simulation environments can be easily and rapidly constructed with editor‘s CAD style interface. The most popular devices like panoramic spherical cameras, motors, servos, US/IR/Laser sensors and others let you create realistic simulations. Compatible with the most popular software and languages (C++, C#, VB#, J#). Full-featured 30 day limit demo available.

Cyberbotics Webots - A realistic mobile robots simulator that includes models for the Kheperas, Alice, E-puck, Hoap-2, KHR2-HV, Nao and other robots as well as many sensors and actuators, simulated cameras, infra-red sensors, force sensors, etc. The user can program virtual robots using a C / C++ or Java library. A 3D environment editor allows to customize robotics scenarios. Unlimited time limited function demo available, contact for time-limited full featured demo.

Encarnação Robot Simulator - a robotic arm simulator capable of moving objects. Free.

Juice - Free software to design and simulate three-dimensional robots with realistic physics. Primairly used for testing methods of movement. Source-code only.

Mobile Robot Simulators - 2D application for autonoumes simulated soccer. Free.

Simbad - Simbad is a highly portable Robot 3d simulator for scientific and educationnal purposes. It is voluntarily kept simple and readable to enable a programmer to design its own robot behavior and environment. It is based solely on Java (>= 1.4.2) and Java3D. Simbad simulator provides: -3D sensing. -Single or Multi-robots - Color monoscopic camera. -sonars and bumpers. Python scripting. Free.

ThreeDimSim - 3D mechanics simulator and render software. Free.

Microsoft Robotics Studio Microsoft Robotics products and services enable academic, hobbyist and commercial developers to easily create robotics applications across a wide variety of hardware. Free.

Neuro-Evolving Robotic Operatives - Neural network controlled soilder simulation; you train them to do a task. Free.

Game to Simulator Conversion

There are a number of games that can be converted to serve as a 'testing ground' for AI. There are many requirements of Game AI; path-finding, stratergy-making, working for/with/agaisnt the player. etc.

Grand Theft Auto series - Huge maps, driving/flying AI, path-finding.

USARSim - USARSim is a modifaction for the game Unreal Tourament 2004, it is a simulator used for Virtual Robo-Cup and general simulation useage, it has been used to show how robots can rescue people.

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