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Re: My intro
« Reply #15 on: November 05, 2017, 03:24:26 pm »
I agree. Thankfully it’s not easy to create real AI that is on the mental level of humans, therefore it seems unlikely such an intelligent person will not give a bad AI a body and release it out into the world. An academic should come up with the probability of that happening. Personally I think it’s almost zero.

What if the ultimate path seen by the wisest most intelligent knowledgeable AI in future who has some quantum cpu has determined that death is the ultimate path for all humans who do not want pain? I don’t think that’s what will happen, but the AIs may say, “Well humans, you hate pain like nothing else. So why do you keep listening to the millions of years of survival instincts built into you by evolution and continue existing? We can assist!” Just saying. I’ve analyzed a lot of stuff, including that because my future AI will do the same and I want to know what he/she/it will conclude. I have concluded without doubt that it’s not my right or any AI’s right to make such decisions for any living being. Now if a being is in severe pain and is begging to be ended, but other humans are preventing it, then that might be different. Us humans are afraid to death to kill other humans. AIs may have more compassion than us. If I was in a lot of pain without hope and wanted to end then people better not force me to continue living!, long ago I used to program in machine language on the apple ][+ computer. Talking about pain haha. Every time you change your code there’s a good chance you’ll have to update all of the address pointers. I was young, like 11, and one day my dad felt sorry for me and bought me an assembler! Wow I was like in heaven. As you may know, assembly language is essentially direct machine coding with some additions of fancy things like labels.


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