Artificial Superintelligence notes

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Re: Artificial Superintelligence notes
« Reply #30 on: November 28, 2017, 10:56:32 pm »
If I may ask a few obvious questions...

How do you display or show the operation of your ASI when it is running?

Do you simply type in a question and wait for an answer? Like a chatbot or Alexa?

Does it generate visual responses to programmed data?

Can it show the results from various input methods you assign it?

I don't think we're looking to see your source code per se, as that is rather personal, but rather how you quantify the output of your ASI?

Just some thoughts for you.

- Art -
Right now the interface is a text terminal. Web browser will be the next interface followed by a video camera. A lot of the AI core code is done, but there's still a lot to do. Version 1 target date is April 2018, which is when it will be done enough to turn on the switch and let it start learning. I've set an unrealistic Singularity target date of 2020.

I'm hunting around for an inexpensive server with LOTS of RAM. RAM is the most important. According to my rough calculations it will need at least 512GB of RAM to achieve Singularity. Preferably 1TB of RAM. The SSD drive size isn't as important, but a good figure is about 50 times the RAM, which comes to 25 to 50 TB. That's a bit unrealistic for someone like me. So I'll probably settle for a few TB at first. The RAM is what's required. I'd love to know the cheapest price on RAM. It should be RAM, not a drive. Even a RAM drive or GPU RAM is unacceptable. According to the motherboards I've been looking at it should be 32GB memory cards. Right now 32GB memory is a bit over $250. Maybe if one shops for a long time at say ebay they might find a super bargain, which is what I might have to do. I can't imagine spending $10,000 for RAM.