Why we laugh. (or cry) - very funny videos included

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Why we laugh. (or cry) - very funny videos included
« on: February 20, 2018, 09:10:52 pm »
Warning - You may laugh so hard that you hemorrhage with internal bleeding.



Have you ever ate really yummy food or layed down in bed after working the fields and made a big smile on your face? Or even laughed for a bit? This is your body's way of saying "woh" that food or rest is helpful to my survival!

Now, have you ever smiled when someone says ok prisoner you can finally get some food today? Or told you a breakthough to keep your life extended is here and you'll forever get to eat of course? Or some sort of interesting knowledge? This is because it's "linked" to real-rewards like food. Obviously going after / avoiding things "related-to" food or pain is important, too not just direct reward, and so laughing is done there, too, not just for food. Else we'd never become scientific or play video games (which we improve at by reward ranking).

Lastly, why do we laugh at poo being flung around? Because we made it something to enjoy just like video games, we laugh because we linked reward to the representations. I've smiled myself when I opened video games on christmas or some non-christmas day.

It comes down to this.....Certain sensory inputs make us laugh more or less (or cry more or less). And other inputs don't, but we can make them triggers. You can make a game objective good or the opposite of the objective the objective and you smile now when ex. see visually the goal come to fruitation.



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Re: Why we laugh. (or cry) - very funny videos included
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2018, 10:27:51 pm »
 People are to be clones of parents or who every beat lesson into them.

 When a person is act in a way that is less then their parent by dropping thing a fumbling around and forgetting allot then there is the a bad temper to counter it to burn precious calories.

 When people greater sorrow or feeling for unluck then there the chock up to counter it.

 When a person is too happy they jump up and run a round to counter it

 When person is make discoveries things better then there parent could then they burn precious calories by laughing to counter it.
 If laughing is so good let see some do it all day long.

 In most part, in the past, most humans have live life where calories were hard find. And in war torn counters to this day
every calorie is precious.