giving away a powerful method

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Re: giving away a powerful method
« Reply #30 on: July 03, 2018, 09:15:28 am »
With the development of AI ... then its true release ... its known that eventually robots will become robot workers ...... Therefore there will be no jobs left for people to earn money.... (this will be a dark age) ..... but then they will not be able to buy food.  So the general consensus is that every thing will become free... (beginning the Golden age) this means money will become obsolete. leaving mankind to have free time for creative and inventive pursuits....

Knowing that things are free... does that stop you from creating/inventing?

Those who are inventors / creative .... we often create or invent for the shear joy of it.... we charge because we are forced to in this society... many would create regardless of money... for the shear discovery .... and enjoyment.....

(It is also a consensus that machines will design new machines which improve the life of humans.... ) sad but this is the true danger....

Creating robot which can repair themselves or Redesign themselves / Protect themselves.... this leads to un-manageable machines....and robot revolution.

yet all of the above events occur over a time period of ....(by the rate of expansion (moores law)) within a 100year period from the inception of AI.... The machines do not need to be "conscious" to have a robot revolution...

but it is easy to make a machine "Self Aware".... Knowledge of oneself... ie: protect from injury... pursue pleasurable experiences.... that is actually all it takes to be aware of Self! ....repairing oneself and redesigning parts....

Sentience (emotional) required Pain sensors/pleasure sensors... related to emotional awareness...

Aha now you understand that ;

Sentience / Self awareness /  Consciousness are different milestones... with different measurements....

But getting sidetracked ... we are a long way off .... so i understand those whom are still money motivated...or fame motivated

Each to their own!



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Re: giving away a powerful method
« Reply #31 on: July 03, 2018, 09:41:55 am »
English/americans have an expression: "that's what we do". Like, cats eat mice, that's what they do. It's in their nature to do so. Well, it's in my nature to create Ai. That' s what zeroes do!

About danger, I think society is able to absorb novelties in a way that makes them harmless. Not instantly harmless, but one day, things end up harmless. Like fire. We have firemen.

It all comes down to this: trusting mankind.

Honestly, sometimes I do what I do because it helps people, and sometimes I do what I do because I'm angry. Either way, I keep working.
Thinkbots are free, as in 'free will'.


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