Do you think that as you have a currently "in demand" skill, the process of finding work could be improved?

Don't see any problem with the current system
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Would appreciate professional help, advice and coaching around things like building the best resume
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Would appreciate professional help with regard to my value in the marketplace and during contract negotiatations in order to secure the best package for myself
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Would appreciate being paid a signing bonus when I got a new job
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Finding work in a better way

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Finding work in a better way
« on: September 19, 2018, 05:13:03 pm »
We're looking for your help.

We feel that now it's time to disrupt this process, especially where high value, in demand skills are concerned like those in AI/ML.

We believe that the current model for recruitment has really just become not much more than a meat market, all about throwing mud at the wall and seeing what sticks. Candidates becoming nothing more than a commodity and being disposed of based purely as part of a "box ticking" exercise based on a resume that they have put together with no instruction.

We feel that there's a gap in the market for people who are skilled in AI/ML to be treated as such. Rather than the typical "send up your resume and we'll send it to a client and see what happens" approach, we're looking to make a bigger investment in people.

Using our 70+ years of combined recruitment and sales experience, we're looking to take the people like you, with the right skills and provide them with assistance, advice and even personal coaching, on how you can best present yourself and your skills to the marketplace of employers out there.

This means things like resume help (to produce a resume that will lead to the most interviews with the highest chance of success), interview coaching (most interviewers are simply following a set of rules, when you understand them it's easy to give them what they want), help building a personal brand, help with understanding your real value in the marketplace, assistance with contract negotiations.

We also believe that we can automate a large part of this process, effectively enabling us to simply be able to present you with offers and then provide representation, training and advice through the whole recruitment process in the cases where you want to pursue the opportunity.

We are really looking at something more akin to the kind of representation provided by a sports or theatrical agent, the main difference being that we are not looking to leech a huge chunk of your earnings in order to provide this service. In fact we're not only not looking to charge you to help, we're actually looking at being able to pay signing bonuses to anyone successful in getting a new position.

Our only question at the moment is, do the people we're looking to help, really want this kind of help. To us it seems like a "no brainer" but we have learned it's always better to ask rather than assume.

So, thanks in advance if you take the time to read about our plans and even bigger thanks if you help us out with the poll. We really do hope that we are right on what is needed right now, in terms of help and support for people. If you agree, then we will move forward, however we're also open to any input or feedback you may have as to what help and support you'd really like to see during the process of finding a new position.

Thanks again



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