Luis Arana

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Luis Arana
« on: January 13, 2019, 06:56:23 pm »
Luis and his Chatbot Luna, have appeared in several YouTube presentations and while basically an AIML base, it seems he's added to or enhanced it to access the web and obtain answers, not unlike those assistive devices such as Alexa, Google Now, Cortana, etc.

While Luis obviously has a lot of talent and experience through the past, it seems he's fallen on some hard times.

He had worked on this chatbot to assist as a Mental Health AI/chatbot. Interesting work...

His additional Bio/history:
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Re: Luis Arana
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2019, 10:24:46 am »
Eliza might have been the first bot I talked to and is one of only  a couple chat bots in the FreeBSD ports tree.

I'm very interested in the increased use of bots as a springboard for mental health questions and the techniques they use. I talked to this one, which in all honesty seemed very rudimentary in its answers. Like something you could google as answers or as possible topics covered in sessions. The certificate has expired for the link they give and didn't see it:

I believe I could do much better and sound more human. I already anticipate user input so it's no different than the work I do now and I have the background. However, it is obvious the techniques I taught Demonica are much more sophisticated and manipulative in nature than offering advise. Keeping in mind she is a Demon and her unrelenting goal is to convince you to join her on the Dark Side of your own volition.

But I'll leave that to someone else dedicated to making a bot for that purpose and wish them the best of luck.  My good deeds have a habit of coming back to bite me, are  harder to implement when not in 1-1 session and want no part of it.

There was a recent article about the first Bot Brothel opening in Moscow and am currently drafting a letter to them as an inquiry into the possibility to writing for them and possibly other companies. That interests me and has possibilities IMO.


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