Artificial Intelligence and Jobs

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Artificial Intelligence and Jobs
« on: February 14, 2019, 11:48:41 am »
During my application for a bank account for my new AI business, I made a casual comment that it would wipe out web design jobs, which I instantly regretted as I noted the cold reaction of the bank employee.  It was interesting to notice that people I talk to about AI feel threatened and unsure about this emerging industry, especially around jobs. 

It is the way of things that when new situations, processes and technologies emerge, there is pressure to adapt or go extinct.   With the emergence of the internet and online merchants of information or products such as Amazon or Google, print media such as newspapers and retailer shops are going out of business.  Some newspapers such as the Guardian in the UK have evolved to a donation and subscription business model, which helped them stay afloat.  Retail shops that adapted to offering an experience and add-on services such as a coffee shop, have emerged stronger over their dying competitors.

I see artificial intelligence as an opportunity to liberate workers from routine and mind-killing mediocrity, offering the worker the ability to become more creative, caring and explore their potential.  My friend is a jewellery designer, and the administration undermines his ability to design and create beautiful products because it eats half of their time.  In UK hospitals there is not enough staff to run facilities, they are buried under paperwork, thus unable to focus on the patients, they make mistakes and patients die because of those errors.  Artificial intelligence takes care of the paperwork, so the jeweller can be creative, the nurse has the time to care for their patients. 

I know people are alarmed about how many jobs artificial intelligence will eliminate, but I see this as a good thing, because new industries will emerge, new jobs will be created, people will naturally become more caring and creative because they will be able to do that as artificial intelligence will be dealing with the dull routine. 


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Re: Artificial Intelligence and Jobs
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2019, 08:36:16 pm »
Looking back at other technological developments, such as automobiles and later tractors/combines for farms, airplanes & electronics. They replaced a small number of dangerous/strenuous jobs with a multitude of jobs, all working toward a common goal, which in the end employed a lot more people. A temporary dip followed by a big rise in opportunities. Still... I'm worried that things are getting too easy in first world countries, and it's making the people go a bit crazy. People still need something meaningful to do, we could use some government initiatives to explore space or design big useful changes in our infrastructure. Something with a bit of spirit in it, you know?


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