Destroy clickbait with this one simple trick!

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Destroy clickbait with this one simple trick!
« on: July 15, 2019, 09:13:20 PM »
I made another browser extension, this time to summarise clickbait in one sentence without ever having to visit the page. The extension adds a right-click option to links, analyses the linked article behind the screens, and then adds the "punchline" of the story to the link text.
Clickbait Spoiler for Chrome
Clickbait Spoiler for Firefox

It also works on non-clickbait links, where it tends to show an elaborated version of the link's text, e.g. when you just want some extra context on a headline. Next to a general algorithm it is also specialised in several recurring clickbait topics, like finding quotes and mentions of dates and salaries, so typical clickbait produces the best results.

I made this in the hopes that people will use it to spoil clickbait for everyone and starve the writers of ad revenue. It doesn't use AI but works through smart keyword matching, a derivative of my earlier article summarizer add-on.

A good place to try it out is on
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