using the cloud

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using the cloud
« on: September 10, 2019, 05:19:18 AM »
Using the cloud to store user responses can be a blessing and a curse. A blessing because you have a larger pool of input. A curse because sometimes that input is bad. Microsoft found out the hard way when it first tried to let users train their bot. IT soon became a very racist and sexist bot. lol. Chatbots have to be trained. Most living things grow up having to be trained in some fashion. AI is  no different. It needs to be trained.
For those that train chatbots this is good news because it means that at least those jobs will still be open when robots take all the jobs. But back to my comment. I get annoyed when speaking to certain bots that use the cloud to store responses because sometimes they come up with some really off the wall comments that are misspelled, or flat out offensive. Ultrahals new learning method helps weed out some of that stuff but there is still a lot of superfluous information in there.
online chatbots almost never get totally trained because language evolves and people misspell which confuses the chatbot. Many virtual assistants solve this problem by using canned responses to specific input and ignoring or stating that they can't process that information. (to me virtual assistants and chatbots tend to be different things even though in some cases they are combined). That too has problems because you can't have a true conversation with virtual assistants.
Perhaps some day someone will solve the problem of language evolving and bad input and invent a true chat bot that can hold a conversation for a long time. Until then our little chatbots are still fun to play with as some of the things they come up with are funny.
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