Welcome Your New Robot Plush Overlords

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Welcome Your New Robot Plush Overlords
« on: January 07, 2009, 11:00:03 PM »
Welcome Your New Robot Plush Overlords

Jason Hilbourne writes, "Can you help me spread the word about my new
plush robot toys--the Bunk Bots?
There are some goofy
videos on youtube. The Bunk Bots are currently on sale at
ThinkGeek.com." Jason got the idea for making robot plus toys
when he noticed his boys bringing their "pointy plastic robot toys" to
bed with them. Each Bunk Bot is about 20cm (8 in) tall and handmade of
soft fleece. Jason has thoughtfully provided a FAQ that answers common
questions about the Bunk Bots such as "Aren't these Bunk Bots just part
of an evil plan  to win the hearts and minds of humans
so that it's easier for giant metal robots to take over the world in the
future? On the contrary he notes in the FAQ, Bunk Bots may be our only
salvation from an eventual robot uprising: "If the next generation knows
more about robots... if we can influence more children to become
gearheads... then, and only then, will humans have a fighting chance
against the robot apocalypse." Bunk Bots are not the only robot plush
toys around, of course. We've covered the Robot a Day project that
produces cute robot bags that can double as toys. There are also lots of
neat handmade
robot plush toys to be found on places like Etsy such as the bitsandbots robot
plushes or cutedesigns crocheted Amigurumi Grey
Kawaii Robot



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