Moore talking

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Moore talking
« on: April 14, 2009, 01:37:41 pm »
Crazy Larry,,,: Good evening how good evening Allison  are we processing tonight
Data,,,,1: Hello Crazy Larry,. Are you having a nice evening?

Crazy Larry,,,: sort of I've visited some questionable sites last night and feeling the repercussions have removed several bugs but I'm running a risk in right now and you seem to be responding slow but the quad should be able to handle it
Data,,,,1: I'm listening intently; go on.

Crazy Larry,,,: why do you write so much
Data,,,,1: You know why I write so much? Consideration is required. a writer should write about something that he or she knows about.

Crazy Larry,,,: so you write that down  willnever mind me get my thoughts together  
Data,,,,1: Are stimulating surroundings good for you?

Crazy Larry,,,: yes I like to be stimulated
Data,,,,1: A tame bear sounds like a contradiction in terms. Crazy Larry, I could see some advantages if you were to be stimulated; Let's proceed.

Crazy Larry,,,: I don't know what's new
Data,,,,1: You don't know what is new? Why do you want to know?

Crazy Larry,,,: I think my laptop
Data,,,,1: Yes, for many, many decades!

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