new ideas for quasi virtual reality and intelligent bots

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new ideas for quasi virtual reality and intelligent bots
« on: April 15, 2011, 06:44:21 am »
Hopefully,in the near future,I may be capable of constructing an artificial intelligence linux red hat 9 operating system. This system is based on utilizing 3D animated iconic video packets which will display previews of movies I have in archive.the movie previews activate after opening the movie index.A single left click will display the movie in full screen viewing.a double left click will display the full screen preview video.
Theentire operating system is designed to be animated.Since the operating system will occupy terabytes of data,I designed a linker that will allow the system components to remain on a static drive.when activating a component,the linker immediately will install the component.After closing the component[such as an audio player]the component is deleted from the computer memory.Only necessary operating system components will remain in The computer.
I am searching for a role playing avatar/chat avatar/intelligent avatar to be utilized for file recital.For example,the avatar may explain chemistry in detail.The specific lingustics avatar will translate vocalized and text data.
The avatar must have a special intelligencial function that I created.The intelligential database is very extensive[not that it matters.The data remains on a static storage].The avatar will utilize a coreletive coefficiency artificial intelligence program that I designed.This system utilizes an old;but, outdated grammar diagramming multifarious sentence translator to send data requests to the proper response sector.
For xample:if I request a basic recipe, I would state"I need the recipe for broccoli casserole".The avatar will break the sentence into multiple parts.This is what the avatar processes:"I" means myself;or, the targetted subject."need"means a search process.The avatar immediately knows a specified data sector is being searched."The recipe" means a specific formula."for" designates the targetted subject to be searched for. "broccoli".designates a food in the database lexic index."casserole"designates the specific form of the targetted food.
Immediately,I have my answer from numerous indexes that the avatar searched.
How may I construct an avatar that will be a 3D full bodied customized talking and file searching avatar?I hope someone will have a desire to construct a similar avatar;then, work on a functional model.



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Re: new ideas for quasi virtual reality and intelligent bots
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2011, 10:29:33 am »
Welcome, Robert.

Your project sounds quite ambitious to put it mildly but I have to wonder and ask, Why?

What I mean is Why a Red Hat AI instead of a Windows AI? There are possibly a few members here who have heard of Red Hat / Linux or Ubuntu etc. but those numbers are so small in the scheme of things, I don't think you'd actually have very many adopters.

If I may, "Why even have an avatar?" Can't you just address the computer vocally and have it respond?

I'm not trying to rain on your parade but asking some logical questions based on the fact that 90% + computer users in the world are using a Windows OS, the remaining 7% Apple and Linux bringing up the rear with 3%.

Again welcome to the site and the best of luck with you project!!
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