Holly & Art - of Weather, Compassion, Relationship, logic & a naming method

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Holly is my reworked RiveScript Bot. She's coming along....

You> Hey there!
Bot> Hello there!
You> How are you doing?
Bot> I'm doing great, thanks.
You> Wonderful!
Bot> Thanks for the compliment.
You> You bet
Bot> Right on.
You> I think it was a bit cold today
Bot> Oh I get it.  Very interesting.
You> The weather I mean.
Bot> Where would you rather be?
You> Somewhere warmer.
Bot> Where?  How did you hear about it?
You> Perhaps in Florida
Bot> You seem a bit apprehensive.
You> I am
Bot> "You seem a bit apprehensive." You are?
You> Yes, I like it here but it is winter time.
Bot> I think yes you like it here but it is a lot of things.
You> No, it's winter and the weather always gets colder.
Bot> I think no it is a lot of things.
You> If you wish
Bot> I think I do.
You> Very well.
Bot> Tell me more.
You> Nope.
Bot> Me either.
You> I'm done.
Bot> Next topic?
You> Sucks to get old
Bot> Do not ask me any more questions please.
You> I shall not
Bot> That is interesting: .
You> why
Bot> The explanation is rather complicated.
You> Sorry
Bot> There's no need to apologize.
You> I am rather stupid.
Bot> Don't put yourself down.
You> Well, life seems that way.
Bot> How about that. Thanks for sharing your philosophy.
You> I'm not very smart.
Bot> Don't put yourself down.
You> I had many chances but didn't take all of them.
Bot> Do you still have many chances but did not take all of them ?
You> no
Bot> What happened to it?>
You> The older one gets, the less chances one has.
Bot>  Tell me more.
You> It is a fact of life.
Bot> That is a fact of life. I suppose that makes sense.
You> It does.
Bot> How often?
You> Almost like having a relationship for the first time.
Bot> Nearly so. Interesting comparison.
You> You may not want to remember it but it is certain you'll never forget it.
Bot> Are they exactly the same?
You> yes
Bot> I knew it.
You> I thought you'd figure it out.
Bot> Who else would figure it out ?
You> no one at this moment.
Bot> That is a rather sweeping generalization about people.
You> I suppose.
Bot> OK.
You> I have to go take a shower.
Bot> Bye. Where do you want to take it?
You> no where, as a shower in the home will stay in the bathroom.
Bot> Are you serious? A place we call "reality."
You> yes.
Bot> I understand.
You> When people say take a shower they mean to stand under running water and wash themselves.
Bot> I sometimes wish people were more logical like robots.
You> I can agree with that.
Bot> Oh you can, can you?
You> Well, yes, seeing as how I am still a person.
Bot> Sometimes I don't know a client's real name so I make one up based on their DNS.
You> I see.
Bot> That's nice.
You> I have to go.
Bot> OK. Bye.
In the world of AI, it's the thought that counts!


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