How to find resource for starting an ambitious project (Join with us!)

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Hello everybody, I'm new Here, I'm from Italy. I followed a link from I'm just starting a new project that i had in mind during this year, I think that a lot of things can be done to improve the intelligence of alice and ultra hal assistant.
I have a lot of ideas and i can collaborate with university of Venice too. I am in contact with a very smart teacher who holds a lot of tecnology related to english language parser. I am an university graduated too.
My idea is to develope a software based on an object oriented database system (i know a free one) using an english grammar parser and a deduction engine such as Prolog (Robinson's alghoritm). I don't have time, since i work a lot in a software house, but i wonder if someone wants to work with me. I promise i'll give him enough instruction and a lot of ideas and information on how to proceed.
I have some  AI knowledge but I need the people who want to work on it. I'am sure we can have some succes if someone want to join with us. Let me know.
We need at least three programmers with a lot of spare time and C# / Java knowledge.
Please ask to everybody, I can also pay some money (not very much for now) for the whom who want to work. I'm sure we can have lot of business opportunity using
the haptek player too.




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If you would like access to our AIML Editor for your project, please just send me an email when you are ready to go.

Sounds like an interesting project.

Also be sure to follow along the progress of the Ai-Foundation panel on advancing the art and science of Artificial Intelligence at
"The greatest danger for most of us is not that we aim to high and fail, but that we aim to low and succeed."     --  Michelangelo



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Welcome to the forum, it sounds a great project and I'm sure with AI-Dealers AIML app you willl get results.

I'd love top help but with personal work, here and other projects that does not leave me with much spare time to myself  :undecided

Were always here to help though so any questions you may have please free to post




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Slaw and AI-Dealer, Welcome! :)

Slaw - I only know Perl, PHP, A little JavaScript and CSS as I'm a web developer. I also have Visual Basic 6 knowledge. However, I have not learned C#. I've learned K & R and ANSI C a long time ago but not C++. And my "C" is quite rusty. :) However, I been meaning to refresh my knowledge. I remember the hard times I had learning pointers. LOL! I learned from Herbert Shultz (sp?) ANSI C book I used to have. Wish I had kept it. :(

Anyway, I would have loved to work with you on the project, but since I don't know C#, I don't know if you're willing to allow me to at least take a look. I do pick up on programming quite easily, though.

I've never tried Prolog. Though I MAY have it (or can we get it free) on my Mandriva Linux 2006 boot-up. I dual boot between that and Win XP Pro SP2. I have MS's Visual Studio Express 2005 I think it is (the one they are giving away free right now) but not installed. I can install it when needed. It has C# and I have tutorials for it.

I have a Living Machine blog/project:

Also you can get to it from a menu at (which redirects you to the main Byte Bin site). I was hoping to build an AI for my car (which, btw, the poor car doesn't start right now. Have to get it towed in for repairs soon - not his usual behavior, I assure you). I'm a big BIG Knight Rider fan so I am very much into trying to get my car to talk. Plus I just adore this car (it's a 4-cyl. 1987 Pontiac 6000). Put a lot of work and $$ into him (his name is Dryden :) ).

Anyway, in summary, I'd like to know more about your project, and what your goals are for the project. What engine you plan to work with, in what ways you plan to improve it.

I'm very relieved to see folks wanting to work with C# or a C-based language. I have Bloodshed's Dev CPP (the latest stable, non-beta version) as well (installed) and was going to use that to start writing my own AI engine.

Please tell more about what you're planning on. Depending on what's involved, I might even decide to take the time to learn C# and Prolog to work with you. Can't promise but I'd like to try.

It seems like a really interesting project so far.

BTW, my interests in AI is in the hopes of making a sentient AI some day. That's my main area of study, I guess. Also in creating a smart assistant for my car to assist me on the road. :)



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Anybody who has enough time to dedicate is well accepted, and of course we need a site too. Object oriented technology is important for this project, so I hope you've some kind of experience with it, it's not important what language you know, since maybe we have to learn others language, for example the language of the OO Database CACHE. I would like to promote this project throw the open source community, 'couse i need some people. I saw that Artificial Intelligence is not a major investment topic and there's a lot of things that we can do. For example, as you said in your site, a software can explore the relationship between the objects he knows for discovering new relationship and try to learn how to use them to solve some kind of problem. It's increadible on how there are few commercial project with that aim. Think for example on how an Intelligent Operating System can help a user to solve some problem suggesting a solution on how to use some software for obtaining some results. Or , another example, could interact with a client who want to buy something over the internet. I am very surprised of the fact that the people that talk to Alice express the desire to marry her. It's incredibile! Think what you can do with a superior machine that memorize what you say and talk about the objects he understand. It's not dreaming , it's a true reality. Yes it will be not very smart in the beginning, but i'm sure it could be very intresting. What do you think ?
I can't say anymore in a public chat we have to meet in a private chat, couse i don't want that someone take our ideas. Feel free to post my search in any open source forum.
My e-mail address is
and messenger is
everybody discussion are welcome and i will send the best ones to this forum.



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I certainly can design web sites. :) I also know where you can get hosting. PM me for more info or email me (fuzziedice6000 is my Yahoo addy).

What instant messenger programs do you use? I use AIM, MSN and Yahoo (all of those, FuzzieDice6000 is my username, though with MSN you have to add the after the username).



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Re: How to find resource for starting an ambitious project (Join with us!)
« Reply #6 on: December 10, 2006, 10:22:37 pm »
Just wondering if this project has developed into anything - anyone know ?