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General Chat / Re: Self similar structures
« Last post by frankinstien on Today at 05:35:53 am »
I fixed the more recent model link.
General Chat / Re: Self similar structures
« Last post by HS on Today at 04:59:23 am »
This video adds self-assembly and synchronization to the mix, maybe it'll provide some more inspiration. Regarding self-similarity, the researchers were surprised to see dynamics reminiscent of the mammalian cortex developing in the hydra's nervous system, so some essential elements of biological intelligence might be discovered through invariant analyses of different species.

Although much is known about how the structure of the nervous system develops, it is still unclear how its functional modularity arises. A dream experiment would be to observe the entire development of a nervous system, correlating the emergence of functional units with their associated behaviors. This is possible in the cnidarian Hydra vulgaris, which, after its complete dissociation into individual cells, can reassemble itself back together into a normal animal. We used calcium imaging to monitor the complete neuronal activity of dissociated Hydra as they reaggregated over several days. Initially uncoordinated neuronal activity became synchronized into coactive neuronal ensembles. These local modules then synchronized with others, building larger functional ensembles that eventually extended throughout the entire reaggregate, generating neuronal rhythms similar to those of intact animals. Global synchronization was not due to neurite outgrowth but to strengthening of functional connections between ensembles. We conclude that Hydra’s nervous system achieves its functional reassembly through the hierarchical modularity of neuronal ensembles.
General Chat / Re: Self similar structures
« Last post by MagnusWootton on Today at 02:45:05 am »
what is that, a colour tv set?
AI News / Re: AI Assisted suicide
« Last post by WriterOfMinds on Today at 02:38:52 am »
Given the quality of today's typical AIs, I think even a supporter of assisted suicide ought to recognize this as a terrible idea. This is fault-tolerant system territory -- if you wouldn't trust that AI with the nuclear launch codes, don't trust it to decide whether somebody's ready to die.
AI News / Re: AI Assisted suicide
« Last post by infurl on Today at 02:33:49 am »

Broadly speaking, suicide is the fourth most frequent cause of death after heart attacks, cancer, and covid-19. I believe it is illegal in most places although some places are considering the legalisation of voluntary euthanasia which is a very different thing. It's still a highly contentious issue and is viewed very differently by various cultures and religions. There is no way that anyone should have to die alone without exhausting all possible avenues of support and care first.

For the record, I'll delete any comments that seem to be mocking or encouraging suicide. If it's something you've been thinking about, get help from someone who is qualified to help you.
AI News / Re: AI Assisted suicide
« Last post by MagnusWootton on Today at 02:22:33 am »
50c a'go guillotine,   that is probably not a bad way to go.  it gets worse...  it could be worse not having one,  but yes I do know its a bit of a sad topic,  but does man have to deal with these situations yes?  but indeed is a hard to handle situation, so its avoided like wild fire in the mind of us all.
AI News / Re: AI Assisted suicide
« Last post by infurl on December 07, 2021, 10:57:24 pm »

This isn't a topic that should be ignored.

Sorry Magnus, I deleted your comment because it crosses a line.
General Chat / Self similar structures
« Last post by frankinstien on December 07, 2021, 10:36:21 pm »
I found some interesting articles on the modeling of cortical columns. While it has been proven that there isn't a fixed set of neurons per column, none the less the structures are similar through out the neocortex.

This is an older model. And this is a much more recent model. There are some ides on how cortical columns enable learning.

I find this kind of research fascinating and inspirational since cortical columns are a similar structure across the brain it implies a similar access point across the various layers of cortical tissue, meaning data can be similar as to how to access it and propagate it, which is how my object-oriented data model came about. Self-similar structure to describe anything, it's almost fractal-like.

General AI Discussion / Re: So what if...
« Last post by chattable on December 07, 2021, 10:16:30 pm »
with tesla bots being made maybe a waifubot prototype will be made sooner.
because companies will compete for the money.
i cannot wait to see it happen.
AI News / AI Assisted suicide
« Last post by frankinstien on December 07, 2021, 04:40:02 pm »
Kind of creepy but here's an article describing a suicide pod that uses AI to determine if you are mentally sound to kill yourself. Yeah, I thought of it as an oxymoron as well... :(
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Self similar structures
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