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General Project Discussion / Re: Releasing full AGI/evolution research
« Last post by LOCKSUIT on March 06, 2021, 09:24:14 pm »
I'm not sure of any libraries needed, my code should run as is in python3. I use PyCharm IDE.

Yes it works on other files like BOOK at least. Wikipedia data is quite diverse and is natural human/ world data. It's not overfitting, enwik8 is not a solid pattern like aaaaaaa but also not total random like abcd1234, the more I can Lossly Compress enwik8 or 1MB of it the more this shows I am finding patterns in it. As you can see my code is small, if my code was 1MB I could be perhaps storing the full 1MB in the code and cheating. Yes my program is "AI" - it isn't something like Burrows Wheeler Transform or Run Length Compression, a neural network is a predictor and all predictors use patterns to predict. Yes python is slower by x10, my program would take 10 hours for 100MB training. Shelwien's (is in C++), which I mostly followed, is ~10 faster.

Not there yet but hopefully I get farther towards AGI.
General AI Discussion / Re: why do people talk about food ?
« Last post by frankinstien on March 06, 2021, 09:07:34 pm »
while we are at it, we could code drugs for waifubots too.

This opens up some issues of how to interpret reality. I'm sure many have had the experience where you might hear an air conditioning or water running from a facet that sounds like music or singing but because you know the source of the sound you're also cognizant that it is water flowing or a fan blowing air. At that moment you have two interpretations of reality that you're fathoming simultaneously! Because you know that air and water flow is the cause of this reaction you choose the physics of reality as the cause, not the music or singing solution since a fan or facet can't sing. Now imagine that you are under the influence of some dose of DMT or LSD to where you can still apply your notions of reality to the effects that you are experiencing how would that change the experience? I mean I view my body and particularly my brain as a host of consciousness where neural computations are how my thinking comes about. Because I'm applying my notions as to what causes this phenomenon I have two simultaneous interpretations of reality, where one is more acceptable than the other.

AI Programming / Learning Prolog!
« Last post by Zero on March 06, 2021, 08:27:36 pm »
Ooow, Prolog... scary name to me. But not anymore: I'm currently learning ISO Prolog as part of my project Jamie. It's worth spending time on it, elegant, powerful, I'm having a pleasant journey.

The book is "Programming in Prolog using the ISO standard, 5th edition", by W.F. Clocksin & C.S. Mellish (Springer). I'm on Android with SWI-Prolog on Termux.
If anyone is interested in reading the book together and learning/talking/helping each other, please let me know!
Future of AI / Re: Stop autonomous weapon
« Last post by Zero on March 06, 2021, 08:22:03 pm »
Love Death Robots was really cooool. Zima blue was the story about the swimming pool "guy", right?

Yep, Fight Club. "Sure. Loose the tie.

So you think autonomous weapons are a good idea? Or do you believe human beings all love guns as americans do? (which would mean politicians wouldn't fight against autonomous weapons at a global scale)
General AI Discussion / multiple AIs per program
« Last post by yotamarker on March 06, 2021, 08:32:40 am »
other than gaming are there other examples where programs would need several different AIs ?

in a game like GTA imagine if many of the characters were different AIs.
General AI Discussion / Re: why do people talk about food ?
« Last post by yotamarker on March 06, 2021, 08:30:14 am »
Eating and drinking could be virtualized for A.I. The sensation of hunger could then be gratified through virtual food! This could even turn into an industry where you can take your bot to a restaurant and order virtual food for it. Each restaurant applies spices and cooks the food its own way so each restaurant's food tastes different. Even the virtual ovens or grills can be customized for barbecue, smoking, slow cooker, etc. So when a waiter serves the plate with a wifi chip the bot can see and smell the food, now if you look at the plate with your phone camera or augmented glasses you can see what the bot is eating!

While a bot can't get fat it can still suffer from eating disorders in the form of a compulsive behavior disorder, where the bot doesn't do anything else but eat. Of course, take-out for the bot is the best, they just order online and download it...

while we are at it, we could code drugs for waifubots too.
General Project Discussion / Re: Releasing full AGI/evolution research
« Last post by infurl on March 06, 2021, 08:08:18 am »
I took a look at your code to make sure it was harmless and tried to run it. It requires Python3 because of the embedded unicode characters, but it also didn't like the 'ansi' parameter that you were passing to the file reader. I expect it needs some environment variables set or some libraries installed that I'm not using and I wasn't going to waste time trying to track them down. I may try running it again when it is a bit more polished.

For comparison, the usual sort of utilities for compressing text such bzip2, xz, and 7zip compressed that data file down to around 290 kilobytes so the numbers that you are claiming could be impressive, assuming that you really can restore the file. Also note that they only take a few hundred milliseconds to do it, and that they often achieve compression ratios of ten percent, so it's quite possible that your program is getting such good results because it is overfitting and will die horribly with different input data. Try it with lots of different test inputs, and also try it on some much larger files before you start feeling too triumphant.

So, when can I expect your program to be able to file my taxes for me or hold an entertaining conversation? I don't imagine that it will be able to restore your fast withering telomeres until some time after that.
General Project Discussion / Re: Releasing full AGI/evolution research
« Last post by LOCKSUIT on March 06, 2021, 07:50:48 am »
Just hours after I released my code I got it down from 251,148 bytes to 249,260 for 1,000,000 bytes in. Still working on it.
General Project Discussion / Re: Releasing full AGI/evolution research
« Last post by LOCKSUIT on March 06, 2021, 03:21:21 am »
New code! I just started ~15 days ago back at my ol 800 lines of hardcode.

You can just take a look if you don't want to run it. There is no gradient descent etc it is fully understood AI.

My new code is ready, it is 101 lines of code and can compress 100MB (enwik8) to 21.4MB though I only tested this version up to 1MB and got 251,148,000 bytes (which is really good, shelwien's by comparison that achieves 21.4MB gets 256,602). It is in Python. To use it, run it, it tells you at bottom how many bytes it is compressed, currently I don't have the bin or evaluation fixed up so bare with me. Paste the long number you get at top of code after the 0. then lower the 50,000 to ex. 49,000 and run it, including change the input2 file dataset to only "<mediawiki " and it will regenerate it all back in out.txt. Place both files I give you in the same folder BTW.

There's still room to improve it, my exponential function is for now a simple else ifs, and i only did layers. And my length of a set of predictions = roof is a bit wobbly still, some lengths of candidates get different changes to roof. As well the global weights is a bit static feeling but it seems fine for now.

Change the extension type from .txt to .py for 2nd file:
General Project Discussion / Re: Pattern based NLP
« Last post by infurl on March 06, 2021, 02:17:16 am »
The original lists are unsorted, so they are hashed & sorted in program. (Hashed by ASCII adding.) There are typically 0-5 duplicate hash ids/collisions so the correct matches are checked letter-by-letter as well.
After: 76ms of preparing. Hashing & sorting spelling and word list.

Pro-tip #2. There is no reason that you would have to do the preparation such as hashing and sorting at run-time. You could break out the portion of the code that does that preparation into a separate program which you run at compile time. This program does all the necessary preparation and then prints out all the data structures in a format that can be included by your final program and compiled in place into its final form. That will save you a chunk of time every time you run the actual program.

In my case I am parsing and processing millions of grammar rules which can take a considerable amount of time just to prepare. Although small grammars can be processed from start to finish at run-time, I have found it much faster to compile the different files that make up the grammar into intermediate partially processed files; these files in turn get loaded and merged into a final grammar definition which is then saved in source files that can be compiled and linked directly into my parser software, as well as a database format which can be loaded as a binary file at run-time.

That last feature has lots of advantages. The preprocessed files were so large that it was taking a long time just to compile them, but the best thing is that by separating the data files from the software, I can choose completely different processing options on the command line.
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