H2r0bot: Robot Boat for Benthic Mapping

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H2r0bot: Robot Boat for Benthic Mapping
« on: December 13, 2007, 10:34:16 pm »
H2r0bot: Robot Boat for Benthic Mapping

Those of you who attended the 2007 Austin Maker Faire may remember
seeing a large
orange and white robot boat. That was H2r0bot, built by Jim Patek of
Cedar Park, Texas. VIA Arena
has posted an article
about Jim's robot that goes into details of the
construction. The robot uses a variety of sensors to gather information
that is used to produce more accurate computer simulations of streams,
rivers, and lakes. The robot uses a VIA
EK800EG Mini-ITX board along
with a couple of Parallax BASIC stamps. Much of the article consists of
Jim being asked question such as how the robot is controlled and his
answers such as, "H2rObot is autonomous, but I suppose that depends
upon the definition of autonomous.  It would be nice if it would get a
job and pay some rent, wash dishes, feed the cat." When asked what
operating system it runs, he repied, "H2rObot runs Linux, of course.
 Is there another operating system?  The bot currently runs the SLAX
variant of Linux."