Heathkit and the Hero Robot are Back

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Heathkit and the Hero Robot are Back
« on: December 14, 2007, 05:19:17 pm »
Heathkit and the Hero Robot are Back

First the Armatron,
then the Aibo, and
now this! After changing owners numerous times, the remains of Heathkit
are now
known as Heathkit Educational
System. The reinvented company sells educational courseware and
hardware to assist corporate training. According to a post
on the 914 PC Bot community forum Heathkit is resurrecting the Hero
robot by relabeling the White box Robotics 914 PC-BOT as the Heathkit HE-RObot. The
new robot will be used as an educational resource. The
Heathkit version replaces GNU/Linux and Player/Stage with Windows XP
Home and Visual Studio 2005. For more, see the technical specs.
In addition to the forum posting, a press release will be available on
the White Box Robotics site soon. (some info is already visible on an alternate
news page). Rumor has it the official announcement will occur next
week. No pricing information has been released yet.