Random Robot Roundup

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Random Robot Roundup
« on: December 16, 2007, 06:53:28 pm »
Random Robot Roundup

In the mailbox this week, we find links to a TFOT
story on the OmniTread
snake robot, as well as photos and video of KITT,
robot car used in a remake of the Knight Rider show from the 1980s.
The Swirling
Brain noticed a NetworkWorld
article about CMU's $14 million grant to improve their robot tank,
known as Crusher and a
Gizmodo story on the new-and-improved
Honda Asimo. Dave
Wojcik sent us some nifty
video of a Sarco exoskeleton. Need a moth brained robot? Chris
Bruner sent a Computer
World article on a robot
guided by a moth brain. Roland Piquepaille let us know about his
latest blog posts on a robot seaplane, a robot that helps stroke
victims, and medical nanobots. Sergey Popov
tells us about Skilligent's
proprietary Robot Learning and Behavior Control software. The
Trossen Robotics folks sent us a link to their latest tutorial
on controlling DC motors from a computer. Trossen also announced the
of their latest project contest, which Otto,
an interesting-looking robot. Paul Foster has written
another intersting tutorial over at IBM Developerworks, this making robots
solving mazes using subsumption architecture developed in Java.
Fiona Gatt of VIA sent us a link to an enclosure for
Pico-ITX motherboards that fits in a 5.25" drive bay. Davide Faconti sent
new video of
REEM-B, a humanoid robot being developed in the UAE. Finally, roschler sent us video of
his  latest mad scientist effort: an i-SOBOT Humanoid Robot
Controlled by Nintendo WiiMote. Know any other robot news, gossip,
or amazing facts we should report? Send 'em our way please.