Robots Help Neiman Marcus Celebrate Christmas

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Robots Help Neiman Marcus Celebrate Christmas
« on: December 24, 2007, 09:58:23 pm »
Robots Help Neiman Marcus Celebrate Christmas

Neiman Marcus is know for extravagant window displays at Christmas time
and this year is no exception. Under development since the summer of
2007, this
year's window display at their downtown Dallas store includes three
industrial robot arms (representing Dad, Mom, and Junior). The robots
pick and place ornaments on several chrome Christmas trees, including
one 15 foot tree made of rotating metal rings. The robots "communicate"
with each other by holding up cue cards. The display was
put together with the help of the UTA Texas Manufacturing Association
Center (TMAC) and UTA industrial engineering students. According to
the Assembly
Magazine blog, "one of the challenges faced by the TMAC team was
combining the aesthetics of an artistic project with the high level of
precision required on an industrial project.". Thinking that the
robots might not be extravagant enough, Neiman Marcus kicked off this
year's Christmas festivities by having Santa arrive by jet
pack, courtesy of Dan the
The display will run through mid-January 2008, so if you're in the area
(1618 Main St., Dallas, TX),
stop by and take a look. For more see the Pegasus
News story. Props to kuka for the tip.