What is Intelligence?

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What is Intelligence?
« on: December 24, 2007, 04:35:51 am »
What is Intelligence?

Does this question sound familiar? Regular readers may remember a story we posted in June
of 2007 about a project by researchers Shane Legg and Marcus Hutter to answer this
question. In June they published a paper (PDF format) containing a
large collection of definitions of intelligence from various fields.
After six months of study, they've extracted the essential features
common to all these definitions and created a mathematically formal
definition of machine intelligence that can be applied to arbitrary
machines. Their new new paper is titled, "Universal Intelligence: A
Definition of Machine Intelligence" (PDF format). In addition to
providing what they believe to be an equation that "captures the concept
of machine intelligence in the broadest reasonable sense", they also
show how their definition is related to the theory of universal optimal
learning agents.