" Say No ? ... " (English translation)

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" Say No ? ... " (English translation)
« on: November 29, 2013, 01:23:47 pm »
chronic poem of the word (no)

" Say No ? ... "

How many times I was annoyed to hear that freedom of expression is not the affirmation of and how many times I heard the absolute develop this "liberator" No!

As always, it is the lack of nuance that is the source of misunderstandings .
Before power , before a thought called "unique" , conformist and demeaning , how not to recognize the virtues of not, who refuses to sink into a mold which dissolves the personality ?
The issue is that sublimation is expressed not in generality, in a concrete foundation without universal framework . Freedom would only be possible in the opposition? ... Any membership in a will could only be suspicious ! ... Say no to trifles is ridiculous .
How not to think of Pierre Dac who popularized his " Bone Marrow " currency "Against all that is , for all that is against . " But the comedian was a man of convictions. In his life as a man of flesh and blood he was able to oppose Nazism and Petain , and he knew to join the rebuilding of France during the war and after it.
As slogans, they are flamboyant , can cause the lanterns that move in the wind .... Anyone thoughtful and sincere can only make sense of things , knowing that the important thing is not in proclamations tossed , but in fact , when the choices are made when they are fundamental and incurred life.
Nobody can say that when the time of the choice comes, will behave as heroes or wavering . Those that appear in future heroes when they do not risk anything , what will become when no or yes pronounced become critical ? ... How anonymous nothing predisposed to it behaved heroically in life ... and how boastful have pitiful behavior when the time comes ! ...
André Malraux in his eulogy to Jean Moulin on the occasion of the entry of his ashes to the Pantheon , said his admiration for those who were silent under torture , but he associated them those who spoke , who had not could not resist , because their final weakness detract from their courage.
If the opportunity makes the thief the adage trivial , it is not only in the choice of critical life manifest individuality and strong character . It is only then that the unexpressed are important, because they are not without consequences for himself and his family . It has nothing to do with the swagger without the risk of those who say " I do not ... I ..." by projecting on hypothetical situations.
Say no in certain exceptional circumstances demand courage and endangered. Say no principle in ordinary life is an episode worthless. This does not predispose provided to behave the same way when the risks are actually settled .
Not a purely negative factor is bitterness . It is a sterile and asocial action. It only leads to doubt destructive. Always say no to everything is a nihilistic principle that refuses this without opening to the future. It is a destructive principle which does nothing to improve the human condition.
Saying no is fruitful only if it is accompanied by the yes that is a commitment to the future. Non worthy of respect will do that when it will lead to positive yes ideal to build.
My analysis, if they are hard , always remain optimistic. I will never give up believing that one must exceed the critical and , if we denounce lucidly what is wrong , it does not, on the contrary , to go towards the ideal , utopian or not, but must never be subservient to people who would manipulate us.
Lucidity, good appreciation of reality, questioning the reactions of some, other , critically leaving no illusions ... All this is necessary , but I refuse to stay there ... The analysis of reality requires openness towards the future, towards progress , a call to overcome the situation described and move towards the better.
I do not think that we can build without looking at the existing . View existing does not mean the praise and approval , but consider unbiased. It often oppose . Must frequently condemn, but we can not stop there ! ... This is the case of the non thurifers . Sometimes you destroy , but it is only valid if we built after .... Build or rebuild with a new spirit, but by engaging in a positive yes frank and voluntary.
This is too often lacking in the professions of faith I hear around me the great value of which would not be able to tell ! Oh, how I 'd like to hear the show then yes that engages ! ... Why not boast as non-destructive and so little so the manufacturer ? ... Why not if the refusal often takes before the yes of commitment? ...

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welcome to my world!
the doors we open and close each day decide the way we live....flora whittemore

It is a proverb, sent of my friend Rutanya Alda, actress. (Amityville2)